What is SWIS?

SWIS is a modular software package which can be integrated on any liquid handling instrument and offers tailor-made tools for all business stakeholders (from manufacturer to lab).

SWIS simplifies the instrument control and configuration, as well as the creation and execution of pipetting protocols.

SWIS Software Packages

Designed for both RUO & IVD markets

Integration Architecture Concept

SWIS Core features

Define from scratch your Instrument Configuration

  • Powerful editors define your Hardware & Labware
  • Intuitive Layout Definition with Drag/ Drop functionality
  • Support of different liquid classes
  • Extendable functionality/ New device integration

Set up your Methods

  • User friendly Method Editor
  • Powerful pipetting actions (low to high level) that require minimal user input

Remote interface for external applications

SWIS Business features

Branded user interface based on customer’s corporate identity

User friendly/simplified GUI

Customized solution adapted to customer’s protocol/kits

Possibility of device/components integration

Adaptation to workflows

  • LIMS connectivity
  • Pre/Post flow device interconnection (Thermocyclers etc.).

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